I'm taking the day off.

He displayed a great deal of patience.


I want more detailed information.

The scientists weren't sure if the experiment was going to work.

He and I went through hell together.


I'm sure you're busy, June.

I'm working on my new book.

Salmon is my favorite fish to eat.

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I am going to fly my kite this afternoon.

I assure you Surya will be completely safe.

You can let him go now.

The penalty is death.

She turned on her charm for everyone who was there.

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You won't need those.

Wake me up at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

"Whose pens are these?" "They are Ernest's."

Give me his picture.

This squirrel has a nut allergy.

The children wreaked havoc in the house.

Nguyen stayed up all night reading the book Dewey gave him.

You're lucky Lori lent you some money.

I'll come home.


What do tigers eat?

It will be the smartest move you ever made.

What else I can lose?


It's been five years since I came to Tokyo.

What were your favourite subjects at school?

Why doesn't Julianto have a cell phone?

It is dangerous to jump onto a moving train.

It turned out that I was right.


The clutch of eggs is incubated by both sexes.


It was just an example.

Tuna doesn't usually stay up late at night.

It's almost time for planting and there's a lot left to be done.

Sergio and Louiqa still aren't here.

No officers were shot.

Now you try.

The person I am angry with is my brother.

I like this better than that.

She has been prescribed medical cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

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Let's do something good.

I just want a little help.

Why is that a good idea?

We tend to make mistakes.

Are you frightened yet?


I did think Carter might win.

Syun was found not guilty.

Under normal circumstances, I'd agree to do that.

I am free of debt.

I don't think he's a lawyer.

You must think this is funny.

There's too much pineapple glaze on the ham.

I thought we'd be home by now.

I didn't know him at the time.

Please stop that right now.

I was attacked by a homeless man on the streets.

He deals in hardware.

I was just taking a shower.

Whatever you decide, is fine with me.

He started laughing.

Once across the river, you are safe.

Will you put this in the car for me?

Can you keep an eye on Pieter?

If I cut badly, than I cut badly!

Giles is with her.

The abbreviation of "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" is "CPPCC".

I think I know where Amedeo went.

I had the porter carry my luggage to my room.

I don't know what his faith is.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

We're not guilty.

Being exhausted, she was soon fast asleep.


King never gets sick.

The conversion of Amir's car engine to run on leftover cooking oil has left its exhaust smelling a little like French fries.

He pressed his lips against mine.

What do you call a man who takes care of sheep in the field?

Go and wake Sofoklis up.

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Monica doesn't need to know that.


Ann thanked us for our help.

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I'm brave.

The mountain was blurred by fog.

It'll come back to you.

Did you see the way Jochen looked at me?

I'll join you guys in a minute.

I want to grow up to be a great scientist.

I felt terrified.

Mario always told us that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Did the baby wake up?


I'd like to look inside.

Les often buys expensive clothes.

John was forced to improvise.


The music of Mozart is always pleasing to me.


We don't forget.

This diet is full of vitamins.

So what's the good news?

Dan's criticisms are sometimes useful in focusing my thinking.

That's not going to be enough.

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I have an idea for a movie.

If you think this forum is just work for you, then you should give up.

I'm extremely excited.

I commented on one.

We are not quite satisfied with the result.

There are two ways of using the infinitive as an adjective, 1. attributive, 2. predicative. Naturally 2. is a subject complement.

Have you ever bought cookies from a Girl Scout?


Until now, I've never been spoken to by a foreigner.


One of the children left the door open.

I was in my early teens when I first met Andreas.

"How much is this handkerchief?" "It is ninety-five cents."

Tell me whose advice to follow.

Many citizens enlisted in the army.

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I'm hungry!

What kind of music do you think Herb likes?

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

Judy hadn't considered that possibility.

I was hoping Scot knew what we were supposed to do.

I love a challenge.

Fletcher comes across as a big snob.

The plane took off on time.

I'm going to talk to Kerri myself.

Hume said that I talked to much.

I'm a single mom.

He cannot see anything without his glasses.

Tell her this is hopeless.

Marek and Norm have been best friends for a long time.

I often have nightmares.

It wasn't real love.

He said 'Goodbye everyone' and stood up.

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I have a telephone.

My portable computer uses Linux.

Rob is more scared of Masanao than she is of him.


You should follow your teacher's advice.

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Randall was brought up in Boston.

Alberto and Luc have a small farm.

I don't trust you at all.

I'm from Syria.

You came at five.

It was made to look like an accident.

Don't marry. Be happy!

I'm surprised no one else heard the gunshots.

The two friends have formed a deep bond of friendship.


I thought Malaclypse had already gone home.


He thinks a lot about his father.


She doesn't want to live there ever again.

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Aaron accepted the inevitable.

Please refrain from saying anything like that.

What did you really mean?

Have you ever listened to the Brandenburg Concertos, by Johann Sebastian Bach?

I bought flowers - roses, lilies, and so on.


A rainbow consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

You aren't supposed to swim here.

Do you think you could help?


I know what the problem is.

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Syd quickly closed the door.

The secretary answered me shortly.

Duke swam yesterday.


Amy had to wait till Markus got there.


Randell shouldn't do that kind of thing.

I'm full of good ideas.

She came to Tokyo at the age of eighteen.


He particularly insisted on this.

It spawned a quite interesting discussion about whether we should translate the site name.

That's the way we've always done things around here.


It doesn't look that bad.

Little Sophie was not obedient.

I understand the reason for it.